Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Weldon Spring MO X-Ray"I started having (seemingly) random bouts of debilitating lower and middle back pain in my early 30s. There were no previous injuries that caused it. I might have taken a painkiller from time-to-time, but the only thing that would give me relief was lying flat on my back. This managed the pain, but wasn’t doing anything to help my condition. The pain didn’t interfere with my hobbies, but when it came on it would prevent me from spending time with loved ones.

A friend referred me to Lawlor Chiropractic. I wasn’t really skeptical of chiropractic care, but not sure what to expect. I began getting adjusted and, at times, did nutritional counseling and took recommended supplements.

I’ve now been a patient at Lawlor Chiropractic for five years. I no longer have those bouts of back pain! Even more, my spine has dramatically straightened over the fives years I’ve been going to Dr. Lawlor.

Jill and Kim are fantastic! If my wife or I need to reschedule an appointment they are always friendly and understanding. My words of encouragement for others is to have realistic expectations and don’t expect a sudden “miracle” cure. While my back pain went away rather quickly when I started chiropractic care, improving my spine and posture took years. Be patient and diligent!"

- Geoff H.

"My back has been in extreme pain since I had my first kid in 1995. I had quite a few major injuries since then. I would take pain killers, but of course that is only temporary relief. My back pain made it more difficult to do just normal, everyday things. If I stood for too long, sat in the same position for a long time then I was in a lot of pain.

My daughter told me about Dr. Sullivan at Lawlor Chiropractic. I had never seen a chiropractor and was skeptical. It’s hard to comprehend basically one part of your body controlling everything.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sullivan for 2.5 months. Since I started getting regularly adjusted, my microscopic colitis has also improved. I can go out in public now and not be self-conscious and enjoy myself. My digestion and sleep have improved as well.

I highly suggest everyone give Dr. Sullivan a chance to become a healthier, happier you!"

- Connie W.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Jeffrey Lawlor Nancy Testimonial"In early June 2022 I started having severe right knee pain. I couldn’t recall doing anything to cause the pain, it just appeared. I went to the orthopedic surgeon who did x-rays and gave me a cortisone injection and recommended physical therapy. Despite the injection and weeks of physical therapy, my pain did not get any better, it got worse. I had an MRI, which showed multiple tears in my meniscus. By early July, I could no longer bend my knee and had 25cc of fluid drained off my knee. After that,, I could bend my knee, but the pain persisted. I was miserable!

At this point I was no longer able to do any normal daily tasks. I could not stand for more than a minute or two before the pain was too much. If I went anywhere, my husband had to drop me off at the front door where my next goal was to find an available chair. I could not grocery shop without riding the electric cart. This was really a low point since I always felt electric carts were for the disabled and here, I was. I did attend one outdoor social event during this time but felt very isolated. Everyone was walking around, visiting, and talking but I was limited to sitting in the chair or getting up for a minute or two before my knee pain was too much and I had to retreat to my chair.

The only option I was given by the orthopedic surgeon was a total knee replacement. I was determined to do everything I could to avoid having surgery. I started coming to Lawlor Chiropractic in late August 2022. Dr. Lawlor looked at my previous x-rays and MRI and said he could help me – that was the BEST NEWS! I followed his protocol, receiving adjustments to my back and knee three times a week. It wasn’t long before I could feel the intensity of the pain decrease. By early October, I attended my nephew’s wedding. I was hesitant to get on the dance floor, but I did, and I was able to dance to multiple songs in a row – PAIN FREE!! It was so much fun. I felt like me again!

I continued with the protocol, dropping to adjustments two times per week after my 2nd month and now one time a week. I think it is so important to follow Dr. Lawlor’s care plan and patiently let the adjustments repair your body.

I am so thankful to Dr. Lawlor. Now I can do everything I could before. I take walks with my husband and don’t even think about my knee. I am so glad I didn’t listen to the orthopedic surgeon and have my knee replaced. I would highly recommend everyone seek chiropractic care before undergoing surgery or giving up and living in pain."

-  Nancy G

Chiropractic Weldon Spring MO Randy M TestimonialMy back problems started approximately 30 years ago and have been getting progressively worse. The most recent episode left me unable to get up from the floor without help. The pain was in my lower back and down both legs. I had been to a chiropractor about 30 years ago after I first injured my back. I also talked to a surgeon several years ago and he said there would only be a 30% chance of improvement.

I race cars and am very active – the back pain was a constant concern. There were many times I was unable to enjoy activities because of this issue. A patient recommended I check out Lawlor Chiropractic. I was very skeptical at first. I started with three adjustments per week for approximately two months. I then went to two times per week for two months and then have been one time per week for the last two months.

The x-rays and initial analysis were very thorough. I loved the patient education! The difference in how I’m feeling has been amazing since beginning care at Lawlor Chiropractic. My back feels better than it has in 30 years. There is no pain or stiffness.

From the very first call to the office, it was so obvious how much everyone cared about my situation. This hands down were the best decision for improving my back pain. I hope my experience will prompt others to try chiropractic care.

- Randy M.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Kallie Fischer With Gonstead PatientAfter years of contact sports and abuse to my body, my lower back was finally to a point that I needed something to drastically change. I knew that the issues were there for years, but it finally came to a point where it was affecting my everyday life. I could no longer bend over without pain in my low back. I could no longer lift weights with my legs/lower body without severe pain in my low back.

I had been adjusted before, however; the steps were not taken to find the source of the problem that I was suffering from. The approach with Dr. Kallie Fischer was different. The Gonstead system is the Gold Standard of chiropractic. It utilizes all the pieces of information to find the cause of the problem at hand.

Since starting care, my entire quality of life has improved. I can now run, lift weights, and do my job pain-free. I am sleeping better than I ever have and my digestion has greatly improved. Also, my energy is back to what it used to be years ago.

Gonstead chiropractic is so much more than just taking care of back pain. I truly hope more and more people learn about it so that they can maximize their true potential and their bodies can function to the best of its abilities.

In October 2021, I somehow wrecked my right shoulder, which caused a very sharp pain in the ball and socket area. I also experienced radiating tingling in my right hand – movement was extremely limited. I took a month to try icing and resting it. The pain would wake me up at night, so I also tried taking Ibuprofen. The issue interfered with many daily movements like putting on a coat, sleeping a certain way, sometimes walking, and reaching certain ways.

A friend at church recommended Dr. Kallie at Lawlor Chiropractic. I had seen chiropractors in the past for back and leg problems, but the detailed analysis of the x-rays set Lawlor Chiropractic apart.

In the six months since I’ve been receiving care with Dr. Kallie, abo 95% of my movement has been restored. I can sleep without a deep, stabbing pain waking me up. My hand no longer tingles, and I can put on a coat pain-free! I also no longer need pain pills.

I came to Lawlor Chiropractic care for my right shoulder, but within a couple of weeks, my lower back pain was gone. I am 68 years old so I thought back pain was just part of aging. The staff at the office is very friendly and concerned about your time, health, and finances. If you have a back, neck, or shoulder movement problem, chiropractic is the answer!

- Jeri I.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Jeffrey Lawlor With Nerve Pain PatientOver 10 years ago I came down with Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux) in my right cheek. It was an extremely painful problem, which caused me pain when talking, eating, brushing my teeth, or just trying to wash my face. Touching my cheek sent waves of electric-like shocks into my face. In an effort to cure my problem, my medical doctor, at the time, prescribed the usual potent, high-risk medicine. The possible side effects of the drug can severely damage the skin and internal organs and be life-threatening. The problem was cured after I took the medicine, but at what cost to my internal organs?

I was attacked again by the excruciating painful nerve problem in the summer of 2022. As I was already a patient of Dr. Lawlor, I asked him if he could help with this issue because I did not want to take the heavy-duty medication again that was prescribed by my medical doctor. I was VERY happy when Dr. Lawlor informed me that he could help me. After just a few months of regular adjustments, I am now pain-free AND I no longer have to poison my body with harmful drugs. If you are suffering from this same problem, please let Dr. Lawlor know and get some relief!

- Jackie B.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Kallie Fischer With Infant PatientMy daughter, Evelyn, was having a lot of difficulties turning her head to one side, which was causing issues with nursing. She was experiencing what my husband and I call extreme episodes of spit-up as well as what we described as a “dent” in her head. Evelyn would also get very frustrated during tummy time.

I have been getting adjusted for years but wasn’t sure how gentle the adjustments would be for a baby. I decided to set up an appointment for Evelyn to see Dr. Kallie for cranial/sacral work. In just a few months, Evelyn has a wider range of motion, stronger than ever with tummy time, and even started rolling over! She is sleeping through the night, spitting up less, and nursing like a champ!

I would 1000% recommend Lawlor Chiropractic – our whole family gets adjusted! Even before Evelyn was born, I felt everyone at the office was invested in her and my well-being.

My best advice is to trust your mama instincts! If something doesn’t seem right, get it checked and don’t assume it’s a phase they’ll grow out of as they get older.

- Maria K.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Kallie Fischer With Varsity Basketball CoachI’ve had a lot of pain in my hip flexor over the last several years, where stretching and exercise didn’t help. I’m involved with basketball and exercise frequently. My hip was bad enough that I couldn’t bend over easily or pick up my leg to put on socks! Then I found Dr. Kallie. I wasn’t skeptical about chiropractic at all, I just knew that it was a long process of healing health through chiropractic adjustments and supplements.

Since seeing Dr. Kallie, I have had less pain in my hip and my strength has been restored. I can continue to be active as a basketball coach for High School varsity players. Everyone at the office is amazing and Dr. Kallie is the best! She takes time with everyone in my family.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to take long-term health and body wellness seriously. Let the wonderful experts and Lawlor Chiropractic help you thrive in your physical life.

- Eric D.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Kallie Fischer With Gina F TestimonialI could hardly move. Walking was hard, standing in place was impossible and the pain level was HIGH! Sleeping was also really hard. The pain made it difficult to walk my dog and knit/sew. My brain felt like it was in a fog, which made concentrating difficult. I tried physical therapy a couple of times, medicine, and topicals to try and resolve the issue.

Dr. Kallie started adjusting me three times per week and then we tapered down my appointments to twice weekly. I really appreciate the specificity of the Gonstead Method adjustment. In just a few months of seeing Dr. Kallie, I’m now able to take short walks, cook, and clean. My brain fog is also gone!

- Gina F.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Jeffrey Lawlor With ADHD PatientMy son, Dominic, struggles with ADHD. He is in 1st grade and his inability to pay attention led to him constantly getting in trouble for being disruptive. His behavior was also affecting my family as a whole.

We tried some vitamins; however, after a while Dominic reverted back to old behaviors. At school they gave him walk breaks and a wobbly chair among other things, but those only helped short term. He had trouble focusing on one task even if it was something he enjoyed.

My parents and a sibling referred us to Lawlor Chiropractic. Dr. Lawlor regularly adjusts my husband, two sons, and me. Dr. Lawlor also recommended a probiotic and fish oil for Dominic.

In just over a month of care, we have noticed a huge difference in Dominic’s behavior. We now get great reports from his teacher every day. He sits still for longer periods of time and has a better attitude overall. The staff here is always very helpful, understanding, and never pushy.

I hope my experience will encourage others to look into chiropractic care. It can help so many things that we are unaware of such as ADHD. Not only has Dr. Lawlor helped our back pain, but he has helped with our other son, Silas’, speech.

- Michelle C

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with MoBefore I started attending Lawlor Chiropractic, I experienced pain from my neck coming down through my left arm. It was non-stop dull pain. I had tried steroids, but they only helped me for two weeks. I had surgery on my spine, disc fusion at C6-C7, but it helped me for only a short period. I am an athlete and I couldn’t perform my sport due to the pain.

I was referred by a friend and I initially had doubts, but after my first session I realized that time is needed to heal. Nobody had ever spared their time to explain to me what my condition is. Now I can participate in wrestling and I can sleep well, which I wasn’t expecting! At Lawlor Chiropractic I was always welcomed with a smile, every session was professional and productive. Be patient, a day will come when the pain in your back is gone.

- Mo V.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with TonyThe pain started late May 2018 in my lower neck. The pain would shoot to the shoulder and my left arm. I had pins and needles and numbing on my left pointer finger and thumb.

My family doctor prescribed me painkillers which eased the pain but made me sleepy and tired. He referred me to a neurologist who gave me a steroid that did not work. Then, physical therapy which did not help either. From the MRI, the neurosurgeon recommended surgery to remove part of the disc in my neck and fuse the joint (ACDF).

I play the guitar in my church group and that pain really made it difficult to strum and sing. The 2018 summer vacation was supposed to be fun, but pain when sitting in the plane was really uncomfortable. The cold weather in Alaska aggravated the pain too. I used all the sick days at work for the first time in my career. I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by a family friend who is a physical therapist.

I was scared when I saw the ACDF video, so chiropractic was really worth a try. I had not had previous chiropractic care, but I found that the Gonstead system is better because it targets specific sections of your spine. I have been coming in for about 7 months. Now, I can play the guitar again! I can sustain the 8 hour job, and even work at night and on weekends. I have better sleep and more energy. Hopefully this coming Spring, doing some yardwork will not be difficult compared to last year.
Jill, Dr. Sullivan, and Dr. Lawlor are a good team of specialists. They are really serious about getting me better. I’m happy I went to Dr. Lawlor before deciding to undergo surgery. I learned that chiropractic care helps the body to self-heal over time.

- Tony S.

XRaysMy main concern that brought me to Lawlor was how tight and stiff my lower neck and mid/upper back felt all the time and how it was affecting my posture. I was also prone to migraines. Previous chiropractic was helpful for pain, but I wasn’t really getting better. I took medicine when I had to, but didn’t like to. My discomfort was causing trouble studying and I noticed I was always hunched over in pictures.

What I like about Gonstead is how it is simple and specific – even though issues were in my neck, I was getting adjusted in my upper back and am feeling better. I’ve had way fewer migraines, definitely sleeping better, and improved posture, including more awareness of my posture. I didn’t expect my sleep to be better, and I haven’t been sick since starting care! Jill is always helpful with my busy student schedule!

Chiropractic is so much more than neck and back pain, and overall health is too important to settle for anything but the best.

- Shauna M.

XRaysMy lower back and hips hurt. It never made me miserable necessarily, but it was enough to make me frustrated. It was just inconvenient. It interfered with school and everyday life. I didn’t really ever doubt that chiropractic could help, but I didn’t realize it could do so much. Now there is barely any pain in my back. I don’t know for sure, but my energy level has improved. The staff and doctor are amazing. I really feel like I’m getting good care from them.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with SueWhen I first started coming to Lawlor Chiropractic I had neuropathy in my feet – first a tingle, then numb. I fell several times – broke my shoulder and ribs. This has been going on for several years. I had multiple tests at the neurologist. The neurologist only offered medication, which I refused. I was always afraid of falling, I used a cane at times.

I didn’t have much hope when I first started, but it was worth a try. It’s been a miracle! Adjustments made a difference right away. What I liked about the Gonstead system was the skin on skin contact, and the fact that Dr. Lawlor uses his hands to adjust, not instruments. I have been coming for 2 months.

Now I can stand and walk without going numb. Dr. Lawlor has also adjusted my shoulder so it is not painful. I haven’t had to use my cane for a while. Dr. Lawlor is wonderful, easy to talk to, listens and remembers what I tell him. Jill is very friendly.
For my problem, this works when nothing else did.

- Sue M.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with PatWhen I first came to Lawlor Chiropractic, I was suffering from upper thigh and hip pain for 7+ years. I was getting cortisone shots in both hips regularly and taking pain pills often just to sleep. Since seeing Dr. Lawlor I am off all pain medications and have not had any more shots!

Before coming to see Dr. Lawlor, I was seeing an orthopedic doctor every 8-10 weeks. I tried acupuncture for six months and had seen a physical therapist for six months. Nothing relieved the pain for long. I was unable to stand or walk for very long. I travel for work and had a difficult time sitting for long periods while traveling, and difficulty sleeping.

What I like about the Gonstead system is that the patient education is excellent. Dr. Lawlor explains everything that is going on as well as progress on your treatment. I’ve been coming for six months now and I can sit, walk, and sleep without any pain medication and have not had any cortisone shots. I definitely sleep better and have a lot less pain or problems traveling.

Dr. Lawlor and team are very welcoming, friendly, and concerned. Everyone should see Dr. Lawlor and be amazed at how well you feel afterwards!

- Pat W.

When I first came to Lawlor Chiropractic I had left hip pain off and on for 5years. I had a new onset of severe, debilitating low back pain for one week , so bad that I could barely move, function, or sleep. I had several x-rays, MRIs, 3 different orthopedic specialists, TENS therapy, other chiros, plasma injections into my left hip tendon, steroids, pain meds, and countless injections into the left hip for pain/inflammation. My pain would be so severe at times that it kept me from working out and often made me avoid things that I knew would trigger the pain (trips to the zoo, swimming, etc.).

I was referred by my family. I had doubts at first, I have seen three other chiros and never had relief! I have been getting adjustments and they are working wonders! What I liked about the Gonstead system was the very thorough exams and education, heat sensor and things are always explained. Always manual adjustments! I have been coming for 2 months.

Now my low back pain is completely gone! I have full range of motion back and feel back to normal. My hip pain is better than it has been in 5 years, and most days is non-existent! I am back to doing all activities! I had intermittent headaches that I just assumed were dehydration most days – 0 headaches in 1 month! I have more energy and have more restful sleep!

Everyone at Lawlor Chiropractic is awesome! From the time you walk in, Jill is the friendliest, sweetest face! Always smiling! I feel like Dr. Lawlor is just as excited as I am about my improvements! I was skeptical, but I now wish that I found Dr. Lawlor years ago!

When I first came to Lawlor Chiropractic I was suffering from migraines in the sinus area. I had this issue for over 4-5 years. I had gone to my internist, OBYN, ENT, allergist, and neurologist. No one could help my migraines in the sinus area. This interfered with life, work, weekends, kids, events, etc.

I was referred to Lawlor chiropractic by a co-worker. I was willing to try anything! I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments. At first, weekly, then 2x/month, now 1x/month. I’ve been coming now for two years. My migraines are fewer and less intense. I feel like I have my life back! For the first 4-6 months I had a lot of energy.

The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic is great. They are very knowledgeable and are truly concerned about your well-being. I was very frustrated with my migraines and not finding any help from five different doctors. Going to a chiropractor has helped me enjoy life again.

- Sarah J.

Patient Testimonial at Lawlor ChiropracticBefore seeing Dr. Sullivan, I had minimal flexibility in the right side of my neck/upper shoulder. It was causing me to not even turn my head fully. It had progressively gotten worse over a year’s time. I tried stretching, biofreeze, massage, pain meds, and wasn’t getting better. I believed I would need surgery, but tried chiropractic first.

The pain made playing softball, flag football, even running painful. Driving was very difficult. I met Dr. Sullivan at a Halloween Trunk or Treat event. I had used chiropractic for back issues, but never neck/extremities. At Lawlor Chiropractic I have been getting adjustments to my neck, shoulder, and back. The x-rays and patient education stood out over previous places. You can see the plan before your very eyes. Now I have regained full motion in my neck/shoulder. My strength has improved, and my headaches as well which I didn’t expect.

Couldn’t be better service and caring by Dr. Sullivan. Never seems rushed, always eager to address any concerns and does so while expressing the mechanics behind his thinking. Hopefully people will be open to all kinds of options regarding chiropractic. I really thought surgery was my only option and so glad I gave Dr. Sullivan a try.

- Alex N.

Patient Testimonial at Lawlor ChiropracticWhen I first started seeing Dr. Sullivan, I was suffering from bad headaches, neck pain, bad hemorrhoids, and heavy periods. I would try to take Advil maybe twice a day because I was in so much pain. My neck hurt so bad at times I would stay home from hanging out with friends. I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by some friends from school.

I was adjusted before, but he just cracked everything without looking at my diagnosis first. What I like about the Gonstead system is the education, x-rays, and specific adjustments. I have been coming since November 2018.

Since beginning care with Dr. Sullivan, I have no frequent headaches, I can hang out with my friends and not be in pain which then makes me grumpy. Also, my hemorrhoids haven’t flared up as often. The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic are all very informational. They want you to feel better and really care about your overall being.

Coming into this care has had an amazing impact on my life. Do not be scared. The overall result is so worth it and the care team is very helpful. Try it!

- Jacki H.

XRaysBefore I started coming to Lawlor Chiropractic I had debilitating pain in my lower back to the degree that I could do nothing more than lie flat on my back for 30-45 minutes. This wasn’t something I had experienced before and so I took action after a few months. This took away time I could spend with my wife and family. I would just lie on my back, I didn’t take any medication or seek outside treatment. Dr. Lawlor was my first and last stop. I have been coming for 2 years.

When I played softball I would get frequent back spasms/tightness. It didn’t take me out of the game, but it significantly hindered my enjoyment of it. I was referred by the Brockmeier family, friends of ours. I was a little hesitant as this was new to me, but I didn’t really have doubts. I had never been to a chiropractor before.

My back pain still flares up once in a while, but it’s nowhere near as frequent or painful as it was. I can’t remember the last time I had back pain while playing softball. I’ve also had less heartburn. Everyone I’ve worked with at Lawlor Chiropractic has been kind and always genuinely eager to help.

The improvement I’ve seen in my life and in my x-rays has been gradual but utterly undeniable. Have patience and be attentive to the guidance here, it’s well worth it!

- Geoff H.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with DeanFor about 5 months before I came to Lawlor Chiropractic I suffered excruciating pain in my right buttock and lower back whenever I tried to walk. The pain would bring me to my knees if I did not have something to support me. I had already tried physical therapy to no avail.

My condition interfered with every waking hour except when I sat down and put “ice packs” on my lower back. Having previously been treated by Gonstead doctors, I had no doubts. The care program I am on is chiropractic adjustments. Detailed analysis of x-rays, followed by patient education using a model of the spine were appreciated. I have been coming in since June 2018.

I have improved to the point that the only thing I cannot do now is walk the two miles per day I used to walk. From the start, I have improved about 90%. I can now walk short distances without excruciating pain. Each visit, the doctor and staff always show concern about my health. All also have a great sense of humor. I am living proof that Gonstead treatment works.

- Dean M.

Full Body XrayI have had 5 spinal surgeries resulting from kyphosis and scoliosis. When I first came to see Dr. Lawlor, it had been 10 years since my last surgery, and I was in constant pain that made it hard to do normal everyday things. I took Ibuprofen, Aleve, and Tylenol for the pain. When it got really bad, I just laid in bed or on the couch to relieve the pressure in my muscles and on my spine.

Breathing was a problem sometimes, and being in any position for too long was hard on my body. I had to fidget/move constantly to relieve the discomfort. I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by a friend who is in chiropractic school. I assumed with all the hardware in my back, any kind of manipulation like chiropractic care was impossible.

I have been getting adjustments for about 6 months. My pain level has decreased significantly. I have more energy and my mood has vastly improved. Doing pretty much anything is much easier now. I’ve even taken up archery!

Dr. Lawlor, Dr. Sullivan, and all the staff have been amazing. From answering panicked phone calls, to working with me on payments – they have gone above and beyond in their service. God bless you wonderful people!!

Even if you are skeptical, please take that leap of faith and give chiropractic care a shot. It has done wonders for me, miracles even! I never thought or dreamed of getting close to the place I am now. Please try it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

- Halie

Patient Testimonial at Lawlor ChiropracticI was in so much pain, I could hardly drive to my first appointment at Lawlor Chiropractic. I could not go to the bathroom on my own. A family member had to help lower me onto the toilet. I could not sleep on my bed – I had a yoga mat on the floor. I could hardly dress myself in the morning. My movements were slow, deliberate, and I could hardly focus – I experienced everything through a lens of pain.

Many of my family members have medical backgrounds. They told me it was muscle pain, to take Ibuprofen and rest. Because I knew Dr. Sullivan as a friend from our Toastmasters group, I sent him an email, explaining in a few short sentences that I might have messed up (understatement) and needed some help.

I consider myself pretty athletic, and I travel for work. Before starting care, I could not walk without severe pain, and sitting in a car or airplane seat was excruciatingly painful. Dr. Sullivan shared his passion for chiropractic at our local Toastmasters club, but I never thought his message applied to me. I was highly skeptical. My medical family members told me chiropractors were “evil”. My coworkers told me chiropractors were “blood-suckers who leech your purse.” However, the suggestions I received from these parties were either ineffective or untimely. Rest and Ibuprofen did nothing to ease the pain. Orthopedic doctors were booked for several months. It took me 6 weeks to have a first appointment with an orthopedist. The physical therapy that resulted from the orthopedist was helpful in gaining back strength and confidence. Lawlor Chiropractic was very communicative in sharing information and reviewing test results from other medical professionals.

Initially I did not know what the Gonstead system was. I did know about engineering and non-destructive testing. The highly scientific and analytical approach was familiar and comforting. I have been coming in since July 2018.

My first visit took the edge off my pain. I was able to drive back to work without gritting my teeth and chanting “I can do this”. I could see again; I was aware of the landscape around me. Over the course of three months, my pain gradually lessened, and my mobility improved. There were setbacks, but I brought them upon myself because I pushed my range of motion and mobility too far, too fast. I am now traveling for work again and can do plank exercises.

My sleep has improved immensely. I appreciate that I am back to normal with bathroom visits. While my range of motion is fully available to me, I know what positions to avoid.

Jill is very welcoming and accommodating. Dr. Sullivan is a great listener, and highly professional problem solver. Even though my health insurance did not cover chiropractic, Lawlor chiropractic worked with me to make treatment possible.
I am extraordinarily grateful to Lawlor Chiropractic. I encourage others to have an open mind and consider chiropractic, even if it is in addition to other disciplines of care. Your health is far more important than the prejudices and opinions of others!

- G.F.

Neck Pain in Weldon Springs MOAt first when I came to Lawlor Chiropractic my mid back was sore at the end of each week, and I would get an occasional painful twitch in my neck. I had been to a few doctor-recommended chiropractors but only seemed to be temporary relief, the occasional pain reliever. As a heavy labor worker, by the end of each week my back would be in bad shape.

I was skeptical at first because I had been to multiple chiropractors in the past and had only received temporary relief. What I found unique about this office was the education I have received along with constant progress. I have been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about 5 months.

Now after the week is over I have full energy and mobility to go all weekend with no issues. I have more energy, feel much more relaxed, my neck twitch is GONE! From Jill at the front desk, to the x-rays, Dr. Lawlor’s help and advice are second to none.

Although most of my friends already come to Dr. Lawlor, I can’t put into words how much better I feel overall.

- Cole R.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with AndyI had an episode of vertigo that was so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t get in to see my other doctor, so I called Dr. Jeff Lawlor to see what he could do and we went right in. I was referred by my daughter. I have seen the same kind of chiropractor in the past.

After one visit the vertigo was resolved and I can function better, I can move! Dr. Lawlor and Jill are always there to answer any questions.

As long as you go to the right kind of chiropractor it’s the best thing to do for your body.

- Andy

When I first visited Dr. Lawlor, I had constant severe pain in my upper right shoulder, back, and neck. The pain radiated down to my forearm. I was in pain day and night, and had been having the pain for 2 months before seeing Dr. Lawlor.

I had spent 4 weeks with a “non” Gonstead doctor; 4 weeks with a physical therapist; a couple of visits to orthopedic doctor; had an MRI, an epidural nerve block, which provided zero relief. I was taking every over the counter med I could still with minimal relief. I was very limited to what I could do. Very light housework. I could only sit or drive for approximately 5 minutes before the pain would greatly escalate. Laying down was my only bit of relief. I found Dr. Lawlor after seeing a post on social media.

I believed in chiropractic care but was a little doubtful that he could fix this since my orthopedic doctor referred me to a spine surgeon. I have been at Lawlor Chiropractic 4 months for adjustments and have been using lots of ice! I’ve had chiropractic care before, but I like the idea of x-rays and being able to treat the specific problem with certainty.

I am pretty much back to normal except for strenuous lifting and the exercising I enjoy. I only do walking at this point. Dr. Lawlor and staff are very supportive and encouraging. Well run office.

I encourage anyone experiencing pain to try chiropractic care. My biggest tip is to be PATIENT! Very, very patient. Don’t give up!

- A.H.

I had suffered with back pain for the last 20 years. I finally sought help when an episode caused me to be in bed, unable to walk for three days. In the past I just suffered through the episodes until the pain subsided – I just thought it was part of getting older and doing “too much” (i.e. biking, hiking, exercising). Walking had become difficult and kept me from long hikes – I would hike but be in pain. Every day activities were becoming more difficult.

I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by a friend, and at first I had HUGE doubts, but was willing to try anything! I have been under care now for three months. I am having more pain-free days than before. I am beginning to trust that I can participate in activities that I love without the fear that I’ll hurt my back.

One thing that has improved that I wasn’t expecting is my foot! I came in for my back, but Dr. Sullivan’s in-depth medical history questions brought up my concerns about my foot. Everyone at Lawlor Chiropractic is very helpful and kind. I say give it a chance – start solving the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

- Arlene S.  

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with JimmyI have been treating and addressing 4 thoracic compression fractures and 2 herniated lumbar discs for over 4 years. I continually experienced what I labeled as a “locking up condition” which would result in me not being able to stand up straight or walk without intense stabbing pain. I was told lumbar fusion surgery would be the next treatment course. I had seen 2 orthopedic doctors previously without any improvement. I then tried ablation where they burned my spinal nerves to attempt to alleviate the horrible pain without any success. I have been receiving epidural spine injections every 3-4 months for over 4 years which would allow temporary relief. But the horrible locking up would always return.

I tried 2 physical therapists (one who provided some 20 exercises daily to improve my pain as well). I hike 3-4 miles most days. When pain is present I’m unable to hike. I can’t lift anything over 20-25 lbs without risking further damage. I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by my physical therapist of 8 months, Leslie Slade. I was skeptical at first because previous chiropractic care changed nothing with my pain symptoms. I have been getting adjusted, doing my daily exercises, and my daily hiking.

Dr. Jeff Lawlor has completely changed my comfort level on a steady daily basis. Now I can walk daily. My back hasn’t locked up in 6 months now and I am not planning on continuing epidural steroid injections to my spine if this present condition continues. I actually believed my locking up pain would NEVER go away. Jill, Jeff, and Tim are wonderful caring individuals. I have referred 2 friends to Dr. Lawlor since becoming a patient.

- Jimmy K.

Neck Pain in Weldon Springs MOMy neck was so sore it caused discomfort every day for almost a year, it got unbearable so I saw Dr. Lawlor. I had tried taking Motrin or Tylenol and getting massages. Working at a computer caused pain every day.

I found Lawlor Chiropractic through the Boeing Health Website. At first I was skeptical. I have been getting adjustments, Dr. Lawlor recommended I no longer sleep with two pillows, and to put all reading material and phone straight ahead.

Since beginning care with Dr. Lawlor, I have had to take less medications for pain. Dr. Lawlor and the staff at Lawlor Chiropractic are always helpful and welcoming. Try chiropractic, it helped me and my husband!

- Jennifer T.

Happy Patient at Lawlor ChiropracticWalking is something I enjoy and do for exercise. In May however, I started struggling with pain in my lower right leg. After 15 minutes of walking the pain was unbearable. This went on for over three months. Even ay rest my leg would ache. I tried pain creams, knee wraps, and better shoes. Nothing helped, and my primary doctor didn’t have any answers.

My brother urged me to try Dr. Tim Sullivan. I was somewhat skeptical having been to a chiropractor years before and not seen any difference. With the constant nagging feeling I had nothing to lose I made an appointment with Dr. Sullivan. On that first visit he listened to my pain issues, explained and demonstrated what he was doing, took my blood pressure, and x-rays, and took away any skepticism I may have felt. Surprisingly that first visit also showed my blood pressure was extremely high, 180/108. This was alarming because I was taking medication to lower it. Dr. Sullivan suggested I call my primary doctor with I immediately did.

Within a couple of visits to Dr. Sullivan the leg pain vanished! During the following weeks of seeing him I continued to have my blood pressure monitored by my primary physician. With each primary visit my blood pressure began to go down! After several months of going to Dr. Sullivan, I was told to eliminate the blood pressure medication by my primary doctor! The last blood pressure reading was 110/70, the lowest it has been in over fifteen years!! The only lifestyle change I had made was having chiropractic adjustments so I know this has improved my health tremendously.

I never realized how important the spine and nervous system were to the body’s process of healing and general health. I am now a believer in this important need for chiropractic and am urging all my family members to make an appt with Dr. Sullivan.

- Kathy V.

Happy Patient at Lawlor Chiropractic in Weldon Spring MOMila had a cough that started as a virus but after the virus was gone, she still had the cough. It was so bad at times that she would have a hard time catching her breath and it would get worse if she was running or playing. It would also act up at night so she wasn't sleeping good. The cough lasted about 5 months after the virus was gone before we came to Dr. Kallie for help.

I used essential oils on her multiple times a day to support the cough and her immune system. The oils did help with the severity of the cough but they would not do enough to help it go away completely. She was unable to run, play and jump for any length of time. During playtime she would sit with the daycare provider so her cough didn't get out of hand.

We have been coming to the office for about 1.5 months and Mila is not coughing at all anymore!! After just 2 adjustments we noticed that her coughing stopped. I even got a call from our daycare commenting on how much better she is doing. She's sleeping better because she’s not woken up by coughing.

Yes, we love coming to Lawlor and we absolutely LOVE Dr. Kallie! We feel very comfortable, welcome and at home. I have been extremely happy with the results we have received at Lawlor. I have been telling my friends and family about it and hope they give it a try.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with LeslieI was diagnosed with high blood pressure after the birth of my second child. My primary care doctor had just had to increase my prescription before I went to see Dr. Lawlor. I am young, active, and healthy. I didn’t need to change anything about my lifestyle. I thought I would be on blood pressure meds the rest of my life!

I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by a couple of friends. I thought there was no way when Dr. Lawlor said he could probably lower my blood pressure through adjustments. How can the spine affect your heart???

After about eight weeks my blood pressure dropped to the point that I had to go off my prescription. I was thrilled! My blood pressure has maintained normal numbers for about 5 months now, all without medication.

The staff at Lawlor chiropractic is so welcoming, and they  provide such a positive environment. I feel like they genuinely care about me. Even if you are skeptical, give Dr. Lawlor a try!

- Leslie M.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor With MasonI had been on acid reflux meds since I was 2 months old. I had lots of stomach pain and vomiting. I couldn’t gain weight. Before coming to Lawlor Chiropractic I had taken medications, seen a GI specialist, allergist, tried a strict diet, and had scoping done.

I never felt well, but I never knew how bad I felt until I felt better! I didn’t know any different. I didn’t have any hesitations about care, I was willing to try anything. What I liked about the Gonstead system was how detailed it was; specific areas were adjusted, not just the whole back.

I have been coming since March 2017. Now I have been off all my meds since Memorial Day weekend 2017. I am gaining weight, growing, eating more and in general just more happy! I didn’t expect to have less heartburn, stomach aches, sleep better, have a better mood, be more active, and be more interested in sports.

I had tried everything and was at a loss for answers or progress. I hated to have to be on the meds.  

- Mason M.

Chiropractor Jeffrey Lawlor with Happy PatientMy 5yr old daughter was having issues controlling her bladder. She was consistently having accidents which led to multiple urinary infections. We spoke to her pediatrician who referred us to a urologist. The urologist did an ultrasound and could not find anything abnormal. The only solution they gave us was to keep her on a low dose of antibiotics to prevent infections.

It was embarrassing for our daughter to have accidents at school around her peers. It was affecting her self-esteem. I was skeptical a chiropractor could help with this issue. For her care she has been receiving chiropractic adjustments. I was impressed and comforted by the detail of analysis. Dr. Lawlor took time to educate us on the problem and solution. She has been coming for 6 months.

After only a few adjustments our daughter stopped having accidents. It was amazing how fast we saw results. I noticed an immediate change in her confidence. She has been off her antibiotics since we started treatment with Dr. Lawlor and has not had any urinary infections. The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic were 100% helpful and concerned for her well-being! Dr. Lawlor and his staff made my daughter very comfortable in an environment that could have been scary for a young child.

I hope others who have children struggling with bladder control will explore chiropractic therapy as a solution.

- Madeline’s Mom

I had my right knee replaced last year and my back and leg pain started getting worse. I had sciatica from the back of the right hip behind the leg all the way to my ankle. My leg would get weak and I would fall for no apparent reason. Dr. Lawlor has done everything necessary.

I have been in back pain for many years. I have taken pain medicine, went to different chiropractors, and had pain doctors give me pain shots (just masking my pain). My pain interfered with going antique shopping, doing art shows, concerts, reading for any reasonable time, visiting grandchildren, and driving to Chicago where all my family is. I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by another chiropractor from Chicago.

At first I was hesitant because my former chiropractor used a device to adjust me, not hands on. I have been getting chiropractic adjustments, life coaching, and now also going to nutritionist for healthy eating. I have finally realized that the Gonstead method is now the only way I will allow anyone to adjust me. I have been coming since 4/18/18.

Now I can go on little weekend trips, more trips to family and friends, I’m able to walk more than a block without severe pain, I’m able to shop at the mall, read more than one chapter at a time. I have not taken any pain medicine since I started here! I have had Crohn’s for 20 years and had no idea that my chiropractor could relieve indigestion and heartburn, and that I’d be able to sleep more than 2 hours at a time.

Lawlor Chiropractic works so well from signing in, wait time, the dressing room, to the doctors room and that thermographic instrument.

If I tell my story, I hope I did it good. Please take my years of finding something to get rid of my pain and go the Gonstead way. All it takes is a phone call to make your appointment and be on your way to living your life pain free.

- Jackie S.

When I first came to Lawlor Chiropractic I was struggling with frequent urination and the urge to urinate, especially through the night. Dr. Lawlor’s consultation and adjustments provided relief within a week. The issue is completely gone after 60 days. Nerves connected to the bladder and prostate were a major cause.

Before coming to Lawlor Chiropractic I had tried antibiotics and visits to the urologist. I had a steady flow of different medications that relieved the symptoms for short periods of time, but the symptoms always came back. This condition interfered with my daily life: I was tired throughout the day because I was urinating each night every hour (7-8 times nightly). I didn’t have enough energy for daily responsibilities.

I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by my wife. I was hesitant at first because I thought chiropractic care was only for back issues. At Lawlor Chiropractic I received adjustments and nutritional counseling. I liked the patient education, x-rays, and the detail of the adjustments (Dr. Lawlor focused on my specific issue – bladder, prostate).

I’ve been coming now for three months and I am sleeping through the night, I have energy to do daily activities, an overall better outlook, and I’m feeling better! I was not expecting to have better sleep, more energy, better digestion, and less “brain fog”/better mental capacity. Dr. Lawlor walked through the process and treatment plan; he had solid communication throughout and concern for my well-being.

Chiropractic care is more than for back issues! The entire body is connected to the nerves and proper adjustments/care should be a part of any treatment.

-Jason H.

“I had surgery on my neck in the C5-C6 vertebra 15 years ago. I had a fusion and metal plate with pins to fix the issue. About a year ago, I started having pain and burning through my neck, shoulder and arm. My pain level was 7-9. I tried physical therapy and a nerve block. It relieved the burning in my arm, but not in my neck. I had a hard time driving because I could barely turn my head to the right.

I was scheduled to have another surgery and my friend asked me to try Dr. Lawlor first. I was never a firm believer in chiropractic care. I started with being adjusted 3 times a week. Now I am down to twice a month. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about 8 months. I am pretty much pain free most days. If there is any pain it is only 1-2 level pain. I can turn my head and I wake up pain free. I also noticed that the constant itching on my scalp went away. I sleep better and I am more calm and relaxed.

Dr. Lawlor is very thorough and Jill is extremely nice and friendly. They run a great practice. I have referred three of my friends to start seeing Dr. Lawlor. I am so happy I gave it a chance and put off surgery. I recommend that anyone having back or pain issues to try Dr. Lawlor before having surgery."

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about a year for chiropractic adjustments. One day, my shoulder became extremely sore. I was unable to move it hardly at all. I couldn’t workout, play with my kids, lift, pull, reach or do anything with my right arm. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Lawlor to look at my shoulder and begin adjusting it.

Dr. Lawlor worked on my shoulder consistently for about a month. I can lift my arm, workout and play with my kids again without pain. I hope that people will look to chiropractic care as a way to help with all sorts of issues and not just for neck and back pain. Dr. Lawlor is amazing, and Jill is so accommodating and responsive when I call."

- Erin M.

“I had severe back pain and neck pain. I was not sleeping well and had horrible PMS and mood changes. I took Aleve every day like clockwork by 2:00pm. I had headaches every day and occasional migraines as well. Sitting for long periods at work became increasingly difficult. Walking long distances was very painful too. I could do it, but I would pay for it. I found Dr. Lawlor when I attended the Health Open House at the YMCA where I am a member. I was quite skeptical as I had not heard very flattering things about chiropractors. Honestly, I associated them with ambulance chasers. I decided to give him a try. I have been going to Dr. Lawlor now for about a year and half.

The first thing I noticed was a dramatic decrease in my PMS symptoms. It was the difference between night and day. Whatever it is that makes you want to blow up and makes you feel nuts has definitely decreased. I can also sit at my desk without constantly trying to get comfortable because of tailbone pinching. I get better sleep too. I have not had even one full blown migraine since I started with care! I transitioned through two promotions under Dr. Lawlor’s care. I’m not sure I would have made it without him. He also recommended supplements to improve my health and help me survive during long days and few hours of sleep.

Dr. Lawlor is passionate about his patients’ care. Due to the level of care and improvements I have had, I have my three children seeing Dr. Lawlor as well. It has been life changing for us! This experience has been wonderful for our health. I hope that others take away that you do not have to settle for pain as a normal daily issue!”

- Tish L.

“For years, I had rolled and cracked my neck trying to get relief. My parents noticed that my walk seemed like there was something wrong, but they assumed that was “just the way I walked”. My mom was a patient of Dr. Lawlor’s. She attended a Monday Night Presentation that Dr. Lawlor puts on for new patient education. My mom said it was like he was describing me in some of the issues he discussed.

My parents took me to see Dr. Lawlor. After the exam and xray, they were very concerned with the curvature of my spine. Dr. Lawlor confidently explained that it was great that they had brought me in to see him at my age instead of waiting until I was older. He knew that he could help me and that it would have been much more of a challenge had we come in when I was older. We were not sure if there was any way to straighten what we saw on my xray.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor since December of 2015. My parents are very excited about the significant change in my xrays and know without Dr. Lawlor’s care there would not have been any natural improvement. I never roll my neck seeking relief anymore. I run better, stand straighter, have better posture and I even sleep better. Dr. Lawlor is always cheerful and Jill is very nice. She even helped us decorate mini pumpkins at Halloween time. My before and after xrays will show anyone why Dr. Lawlor is so passionate about what he does!"

- Allison L.

"I had extreme pain. I went to work every day as long as I could stand the pain, and then I would come home and get into bed for the rest of the day. Some nights, I had to just sit on the couch all night because I could not even get into bed. My work was limited because I could not climb a ladder even though climbing a ladder was necessary for my job. I also used to ride my bike to work, but had to stop because of the pain. This made me gain weight as well. I missed playing sand volleyball and just being active. I tried heat, ice, massage, walking, deep heat rubs and pain relievers, but nothing worked. I even had a back support and leg wrap that I wore every day. A co-worker recommended that I try Dr. Lawlor. The only reason I went in was to prove that he could not help me. I actually bet my co-worker that the problem was not in my back and a chiropractor could not help. I’ve been having adjustments now for about 6 months. I am now walking, jogging and being active day to day. I no longer wear a brace on my back or a wrap on my leg. I pretty much wake up without pain and go about my day. I average about 9 thousand steps per day.

I have showed improvement on MANY levels. I have better bladder control, less constipation, better sex drive and more flexibility. Also, I have beat depression because I am no longer living in constant pain. The front desk staff is super friendly. Dr. Lawlor truly believes in what he does and it is a motivator to stick with the plan and not to give up.

I would recommend that you come to see Dr. Lawlor and stay the course. I have some of the same issues as two of my friends, but they did not heal because they both gave up. I did not see progress right from the beginning. However, over time it all started coming together. Good luck.”

- Ramsey S.

“From the age of 25, I began to vomit uncontrollably. I would vomit every 30-60 minutes and episodes would last for 2-4 days at a time. Now, at 34, I have learned it is caused by a combination of a mal-absorption disorder in my intestines and cyclical vomiting that is better described as stomach seizures.

My mom recommended that I see her chiropractor, Dr. Lawlor. When I had my first appointment with him, I had reached a record low body weight of 130 pounds. When my episodes began, I weighed 360 pounds. I had seen several doctors and had been on at least 30 different prescriptions by this point. Basically, my condition left me debilitated and disabled and seemed to not have any kind of relief or recovery.

I did not have any reservations or concerns about starting care with Dr. Lawlor, and my results were definitely better than any expectation. I’ve been getting adjustments weekly and then twice a month for about a year. I now weigh a healthy 155 and its holding! I have also gone up to about 3 weeks between episodes. Everything is better. The staff at Lawlor chiropractic goes above and beyond. Never say never. Trust your body. When it’s well, it’s an amazing machine.”

- Matthew M.

“I noticed one day that my arm felt numb. It wasn’t necessarily hurting me so I ignored it. My right arm progressively got more numb and tingly to where I couldn’t function. I would drop things and couldn’t grip anything. It was rather frightening. I went to my primary care provider who told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He gave me anti-inflammatories and steroids. My arm progressed and so my doctor sent me in for an MRI to rule out other conditions and scheduled me for an EMG. Then he referred me to an Orthopedic doctor. I had minimal relief.

I am an ICU nurse so my arms are obviously important in helping my patients. It was frustrating to be stressed about the numbness, tingling and cramping in my arm. Several of my dad’s coworkers referred me to Lawlor Chiropractic. I was very skeptical as another chiropractor was not able to help me. However after just a short time of being adjusted, my numbness in my arm has virtually vanished. The anxiety and stress of always worrying if it was something much worse is gone too. Now I know it was just a pinched and inflamed nerve. I do not rely on anti-inflammatories any longer either. I also noticed that I don’t have as many problems with my gallbladder/GI tract as I did before my adjustments began.

I have never left Dr. Lawlor’s office with questions. Dr. Lawlor is very professional and each case is treated individually. He gave me detailed analysis and it was intriguing especially as a nurse. As a nurse, medicine was all I knew. I was not convinced that holistic or “non-medical” treatments could be effective. However, my experience here has opened my eyes to an entirely new non-invasive approach to many ailments. Never think that you’re too young to have your “back problems” corrected. Correct things early on. Also, just because your body isn’t in pain does not mean that other symptoms aren’t telling you to dig deeper and find the root cause.”

- Maria K.

“Since 2011, I have had severe pain in my low back and low neck. There was also a tingling or burning sensation in my left trapezoid and neck. I also had consistent headaches for as long as I can remember. I tried muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and many visits with physical therapists to get rid of the neck pain. I play softball in college and had a lot of pain while trying to play. I even experienced pain just sitting at my desk for school.

My brother recommended Lawlor Chiropractic to me. After years of pain, I was skeptical that chiropractic could help. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about 6 months now for chiropractic adjustments and the pain and burning in my neck and back is 100% gone! When I throw the softball, my fingers no longer get the tingling sensation. I can also sit comfortably in class now. My headaches have gone away too.

Everyone at Lawlor is welcoming, easy to talk to and beyond helpful. Dr. Lawlor is always willing to do what needs to be done. It is not a cookie cutter approach. I have no doubt that chiropractic care was the best option for me all along. You will not regret giving it a try.”

- Lexi T.

“My low back pain started 20 years ago. It has been getting worse for the last 3 years with daily sharp back pain and stiffness. My family doctor recommended that I get an MRI back in 2012. The results showed a herniated disc at L5 and some degenerative changes in the same area. I started physical therapy and did the recommended exercises, but it did not help.

One of my coworkers was a patient of Dr. Lawlor’s and recommended I see him for my back issues. I was skeptical because I had already tried two other chiropractors in the past with little lasting improvement. My job, my daily activities, hobbies and even my sleep suffered from my pain. Morning stiffness usually lasted about an hour to an hour and half, and getting dressed was difficult.

I decided to give Dr. Lawlor a try. After the first few months, I did not feel that I had significant improvement. Dr. Lawlor reached out to his mentors about my care. He even had another doctor meet me, check my spine and give his ideas on how to modify adjustments to help my care progress. Eventually, my back pain was much less severe and flair ups were less frequent. I appreciate Dr. Lawlor’s patient education, the full spine x-rays and the detail of analysis. My pain has gone from a 10/10 to about a 2/10 or 3/10. My sleep has improved and my daily activities are no longer compromised due to back pain. I have less frustration and my family dynamic has improved as a result as well. My recent MRI (2016) shows no disc herniation. The degenerative changes in L5 are still there, but I feel much less pain and the pain is less frequent after a year of adjustments. Of everything I’ve tried, I have found this to be the best for my low back pain.”

- Klara S.

“My L-4 and L-5 are ruptured. My middle back has spurs on the discs, and I ruptured a disc in my neck. I am a mess. My disc problems started in 1996. I ruptured my L-4 at work. In 2015, I fell in my front yard and injured my right and left sciatica nerves. Due to my fall, I could not walk and the pain was so severe that I went to a spine doctor to get an MRI. That visit could have been a game changer. However, I asked the doctor for options other than the surgery and the 6 spinal injections that he was recommending. I had to stop working, bowling, playing bocce ball, going to the gym and jogging.

I chose not to have the surgery and injections. Instead, I continued with chiropractic care, started physical therapy, exercise and even Tai Chi. At the time, I was seeing Dr. Mary Saale and Dr. Tim Sullivan in St. Louis (both Gonstead doctors). When I moved to St. Peters, they recommended that I see Dr. Lawlor. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about 5 months now. Dr. Lawlor has great skill and care. I’m back to my life, family fun and games. While I’ve been in chiropractic care for about 30 years now, and Gonstead method is the best!

My improvement has been steady. Dr. Lawlor is amazing. I have less pain and my flexibility is continuing to improve. Thank God for Dr. Lawlor’s experience and knowledge. He is focused on great healthcare. I am doing 8-10 miles on my bike, Tai Chi and I’m back to the gym! Jill is great too. Her professionalism in the office is amazing. She has all the skills to make your visit run smoothly an efficiently.

I have been to 6 chiropractors over the last 30 years. Dr. Lawlor and the Gonstead method have been the best in treating the spine without surgery and drugs. Dr. Lawlor is totally dedicated to the overall health of his patients.”

- Joe P.

“I had pain and weakness in my right hand, specifically my ring finger. It had been getting worse for several months to the point where I could barely lift a gallon of milk. I had gone to an orthopedic specialist who just wanted me to take ibuprofen, but offered no real solutions. The weakness and pain were interfering with my day to day activities.

A friend of mine invited me to a dinner talk with Dr. Lawlor. I was a bit skeptical that chiropractic care could fix a hand problem. After the talk was over, I scheduled an appointment have an initial exam with Dr. Lawlor. I’ve now been seeing Dr. Lawlor for regular adjustments for about a year. I like the fact that Dr. Lawlor takes his own X-Rays. He also gives a lot of patient education.

I have improved completely. I no longer have pain or weakness, and I can complete all of daily tasks without pain or weakness. The staff and doctor are helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend chiropractic care, but specifically Dr. Lawlor!”

- Jennifer W.

“For over five years, I had weakness in my quadriceps. I had visited a muscle specialist and completed nerve conduction studies. With no diagnosis, I was then referred to another specialist. An MRI revealed a small disc bulge. I was told it was insignificant. The muscle weakness affected my work as I needed to climb ladders and walk around of roofs. I had been seeing a chiropractor, but he only worked on my neck and pelvis.

I started seeing Dr. Lawlor after meeting him through a networking group. From the very first appointment, he used a Knee Chest Table. I experienced improvement after the first appointment. The muscle weakness has been almost completely gone for almost two years now. I saw five previous chiropractors. None of them even had a Knee Chest Table.

I can now walk stairs and ladders without discomfort. Dr. Lawlor and staff are very concerned with my well-being. After using several chiropractors in the past, I would highly recommend The Gonstead Technique. Do not go to a chiropractor that does not have a Knee Chest Table.”

- Curt T.

“I had plantar fasciitis which caused severe pain in my left heel. I had gone to a podiatrist and tried over-the-counter shoe inserts, cortisone shots and physical therapy and ASTYM therapy. I had to stop running, but it even hurt to walk.

A friend recommended I see Dr. Lawlor. I really liked the patient education, detailed analysis and specificity of the adjustments. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor now for a few months. In addition to adjusting me, he had custom shoe inserts made for me.

I’m now walking virtually pain free. After trying everything and staying in pain, I felt relief after only a few adjustments and time in custom inserts.”

- Amy H.

“For years, I had rolled and cracked my neck trying to get relief. My parents noticed that my walk seemed like there was something wrong, but they assumed that was “just the way I walked”. My mom was a patient of Dr. Lawlor’s. She attended a Monday Night Presentation that Dr. Lawlor puts on for new patient education. My mom said it was like he was describing me in some of the issues he discussed.

My parents took me to see Dr. Lawlor. After the exam and xray, they were very concerned with the curvature of my spine. Dr. Lawlor confidently explained that it was great that they had brought me in to see him at my age instead of waiting until I was older. He knew that he could help me and that it would have been much more of a challenge had we come in when I was older. We were not sure if there was any way to straighten what we saw on my xray.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor since December of 2015. My parents are very excited about the significant change in my xrays and know without Dr. Lawlor’s care there would not have been any natural improvement. I never roll my neck seeking relief anymore. I run better, stand straighter, have better posture and I even sleep better. Dr. Lawlor is always cheerful and Jill is very nice. She even helped us decorate mini pumpkins at Halloween time. My before and after xrays will show anyone why Dr. Lawlor is so passionate about what he does!”

- Allison L.

“I had very bad stomach pains to the point that I was in tears. I tried taking over-the-counter antacids and changing my diet habits to reduce lactose and gluten. We had lab work and a scope down my esophagus, but both came back with negative findings. My stomach issues interfered with me getting to school on time. I also had a lack of appetite.

My mom and dad were both patients of Dr. Lawlor’s. My mom was a little concerned about taking me to see Dr. Lawlor because of my age. She decided to take me anyway since we did not have any answers. I took supplements for a short time and have been getting chiropractic adjustments for about a year and half now. I am not having any stomach pains in the morning anymore, and I make to school on time now. I can even bend down farther in basketball. My asthma seems to have improved as well. I usually have terrible spring allergies, but since I’ve been getting adjustments I have had very little need for routine or urgent asthma meds. Dr. Lawlor has also helped with my ankle and heel pain.

My parents and I were frustrated with no real diagnosis. Since care with Dr. Lawlor was the answer, we should have started with this to begin with. Dr. Lawlor is pleasant, easy going and fun to talk to. Jill is welcoming and nice when I come to my appointments.”

- Evan B.

“My daughter complained frequently about neck pain. Her hobby is horseback riding so we had tried other chiropractors, but had no lasting relief. A friend recommended Dr. Lawlor to us. After about six months of treatment she had no neck pain at all. The pain had not stopped her from riding, but now she rides pain free which is a huge accomplishment.

I like the patient education we receive here such as the details given before adjustments and scanning prior to adjustments so that the specific areas needed the adjustment are targeted. We have been under care here for about a year now. The results have been a huge improvement over other chiropractors we’ve tried. Nicholle’s attention span seems to have improved as well (most of the time).

Also, Dr. Lawlor checked her knee at one of her appointments and found it to be misaligned. It was important that she had spoken up and brought this to his attention as I thought it was just growing pains. I have the peace of mind that her future health has a strong base to build on, and Nicholle has the education going forward to seek proper care for herself.

Everyone at Lawlor Chiropractic is great! I hope reading about Nicholle’s improvements encourages other parents to have their child evaluated.”

- Nicholle’s Mom

“I had extreme lower back and sciatica pain. Unable to walk, I was taken to the emergency room to get answers about what was happening to me. At the ER, they gave me pain pills and told me there was nothing they could do for me. The second time I was taken to the ER, I demanded an MRI. They wrote me a prescription to go have an MRI, but would not do one right then and there. The MRI showed three herniated discs. They still said that the only thing they could do for me was give me pain pills.

My condition kept me from my daily walks, cooking meals for my family, visiting friends and family. I was even unable to move my daughter to college. At my worst points, I had to eat meals while laying on my side in bed. My neighbor had originally referred me to Dr. Lawlor. While I had already been a patient of his and was seeing him for maintenance care, I was hesitant to have adjustments because I could not even walk. Once I saw the MRI and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me, I reached out to Dr. Lawlor. He was confident that he could get me back on my feet.

Because I was unable to walk, Dr. Lawlor saw me in my home three days a week. With Dr. Lawlor’s help, I have gradually improved. It took one month for me to even be able to walk with the assistance of a walker. It took another month to be able to walk without the walker. I was not able to physically see a physician in the beginning. I am at about 90% at this point. I continue to get chiropractic adjustments about once a week, I take supplements, do strengthening exercises and I’m receiving lifestyle counseling. I am sleeping well and have more energy as well.

I had seen a different chiropractor in the past, but had no success. I really appreciate Dr. Lawlor’s detailed examination, specific adjustments and the information that is shared with me at my appointments. The staff is very helpful and friendly too. I am a firm believer in allowing the body to heal itself with a more holistic approach. My medical doctors wanted to do surgery, but I was too afraid of the risks.

Chiropractic care is the only reason I am walking. I believe in the Gonstead method. There were very dark days for me until Dr. Lawlor gave me hope. It was a slow progress, but I’m so happy that I did not go the surgery route. I still have more to do to be at 100%, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

- Kim

“On February 29, 2016, I arrived at Dr. Lawlor’s office after enduring constant neck pain for a week. The pain radiated down my right arm. My only short term relief was to raise my arm over my head. My husband had to pull me out of bed using my “good arm.” I was unable to sleep.

I went to my primary care physician on day 4. I was told I had a pinched nerve at C5-C6, and I was given a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory. Neither of these helped my pain. It was difficult to get though the day especially while working due to the lack of sleep.

I have a high pain tolerance, but I was so miserable that my husband was able to convince me to see his chiropractor, Dr. Lawlor. I had always been skeptical of chiropractic care so this truly was a feat. I asked my husband to leave a message at the office in hopes that Dr. Lawlor would check his voicemail even though it was a Sunday. By that evening, we received a call back. He would see me Monday morning. I was so appreciative.

I’ll never forget my first visit. After an exam and X-ray, he told me I had a pinched nerve at C7. I was teary eyed and absolutely miserable. Dr. Lawlor looked and me and said, “I can help you. Trust me.” I grasped on to that as I needed reassurance! By my third adjustment, I was able to give him a small smile.

After receiving care for two weeks, I attended Dr. Lawlor’s “Monday Night Talk.” I highly recommend this to all his patients. It was so informative and helpful to solidify my understanding of the Gonstead system that Dr. Lawlor uses. One month later, I am completely pain free, and I have full range of motion in my neck. I am truly grateful for Dr. L’s expertise, confidence and passion.”

- Toni M.

“I have lived with varying levels of back pain in three locations (neck, between shoulder blades and lower back) for most of my adult life. The pain between the shoulder blades was the result of an injury which occurred over 20 years ago when I improperly tried to lift a heavy object. Most importantly I have suffered from constipation for the last 15 years.

In an attempt to relieve the back pain I have visited 3 different chiropractors over the years. Each of the doctors temporarily improved my condition, but never really eliminated the pain. As far as trying to solve the problem of constipation, I have visited numerous doctors, ranging from family practice physicians to specialists in gastroenterology. I have tried taking countless types of oral remedies including prescription drugs and over the counter solutions, all of which failed to eliminate the problem.

The back pain never caused me to miss work and it rarely forced me to change my schedule of other activities. The pain and stiffness was more a nuisance than debilitating. The effects of the constipation were much more serious. As a result of the chronic constipation, I developed and was treated for gastritis. Frequent sleepless nights and missed work often resulted from a bout of gastritis.

My wife visited Lawlor Chiropractic to treat her back pain. During her first visit Dr. Lawlor mentioned his experience overcoming constipation using the Gonstead method. Soon thereafter, we attended one of Dr. Lawlor’s evening seminars. I had no real hope of ever living without some form of back pain and I thought there was NO CHANCE a back adjustment would eliminate my constipation.

Visits to Dr. Lawlor differ greatly from appointments I have had over the years with other chiropractic doctors. On the initial visit, x-rays were taken and several physical tests were performed which allowed Dr. Lawlor to identify the source of my problems. He then developed and communicated a treatment plan meant to eliminate my back pain and constipation. Dr. Lawlor’s method is scientific, logical and precise compared to the seemingly random care I have experienced with other chiropractors.

I have had 13 appointments in 9 weeks. My constipation disappeared after the VERY FIRST visit. For the first time in 15 years I am no longer dependent on some form of oral remedy. My back pain is greatly reduced and I now hold hope the pain will be eliminated entirely. I would have NEVER thought my digestive issues could be solved with a chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Lawlor and his staff are always accommodating, professional and friendly.

Never give up trying to find the answer to a physical ailment. Finding a solution to my most serious issue (constipation) came from an unlikely source, chiropractic adjustment.”

- Thomas E.

“For the past 10 years, I had been suffering from weekly migraines, back and neck pain. I used Excedrin Migraine religiously and occasionally used ice or a heating pad on my back and neck pain. I usually worked through the pain, but periodically had to miss work because of the migraines.

A family friend recommended Lawlor Chiropractic to me. I had doubts because I had never been to a chiropractor before. I’ve now been a patient of Dr. Lawlor’s since December of 2015. Since I’ve been adjusted regularly my migraines are much less frequent. I wasn’t sure anything could help my migraines, but this has helped reduce the frequency of them. My neck and back feel better too!“

- Tim M.

“I fell on the ice a while back and injured my lower back and my neck. As a result, I had severe pain in my lower back, neck and down my right arm. The pain was so bad that sometimes I would just collapse. I could barely get dressed, and I thought I was going to be permanently disabled.

I had been to a neurologist and pain doctors. They prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. These gave me some relief, but I still could not sleep and had significant pain. I had also tried physical therapy and another chiropractor. Nothing really helped. The pain was interfering with everything.

My girlfriend recommended Dr. Lawlor to me. I was very doubtful since I had already tried a chiropractor before. I have been getting regular adjustments for about a year now. Even though I was doubtful at first, I followed his plan for me. Now I am sleeping better, moving better and I’m in much less pain.

Give Dr. Lawlor a chance and follow his plan. I almost had surgery and I’m very glad I didn’t. The key is to follow his plan. I started with three visits per week and now I am going to one visit every two weeks. I really believe he has helped me!“

- Tim

“I had suffered with heartburn for at least the past 15 years. I managed it with western medicine, but always wanted to be off of it. It was the type of medication that says you should only take it for 14 days. In the past, I had also tried other natural remedies but with little success. I had to try avoiding certain foods and coffee as well.

A friend referred me to Dr. Lawlor. I had been to chiropractors before, but I like the fact that Dr. Lawlor uses a nerve scope and my X-Rays at each appointment as part of my care. I have been getting adjustments and taking the supplements that Dr. Lawlor recommends for me. My heartburn is almost totally gone…so much so that I forget to take my supplements. This is because I so rarely even have symptoms. All around, I just feel better.

I hope my experience will give you hope that you don’t have to be on western meds forever. Those medications are not meant to heal, but rather just manage the symptoms. Believe healing can happen with Dr. Lawlor’s help! The staff here is awesome too, super friendly and so good at their job!!!

Good luck!“

- Tammy

“About two years ago, I started having pain in my lower back that made it hard to stand up after sitting for long periods. I would also get numbness and tingling down my left leg . I used ice when it was really bad. I also tried another chiropractor before seeing Dr. Lawlor. The ice and adjustments relieved the pain for a short time, but it always came back. I work as a teacher’s aide and we sit for long periods of time even sometimes on the floor. The pain in my lower back made it difficult to stand back up after sitting.

A friend referred me to Lawlor Chiropractic. I didn’t have any real doubts reservations about care. For the past nine months or so, I’ve been getting regular chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Lawlor. I’ve also started foundation training to improve my posture and learn the correct way to lift. I’ve made other changes as well such as a different pillow and exercise. I like the Gonstead method of chiropractic including patient education, X-Rays, detailed analysis and specific adjustments.

The numbness and tingling in my left leg is less often, and the lower back pain is gone most of the time. Sitting for long periods still makes it difficult to stand, but not as painful anymore. My energy level has improved and so has my sleep. The staff and doctor at Lawlor chiropractic are helpful and welcoming. They are awesome!

The encouragement I would give others is to be patient! This is not a quick fix, but it is a long term fix.“

- T.S.

“I had constant pain in my lower back. I was in pain every day with times of very sharp pain that made it hard to do anything. I saw my general practitioner who only offered pain killers as a solution. It got to the point that I could not do the things outdoors that I enjoy like camping and hiking.

A family member recommended Lawlor Chiropractic. I was skeptical, but I did not want to continue taking pain killers. I’ve been having adjustments now for about a year, and things have improved greatly. I’m able to spend time doing the things that I like. I hardly ever have days where I’m in pain. I’m even able to get an entire night’s sleep.

Everyone is very helpful and always makes sure to explain everything. Don’t be afraid to try chiropractic care. It has helped me to get back to a great life doing things I love with my friends and family.“

- R.D.

“I came to Lawlor Chiropractic back in December for a pain that was in the upper right inside of my leg. It was similar to a stabbing pain that would happen randomly for a few seconds. The pain was more of an annoyance that I first noticed at the end of October. I originally spoke with my family medicine doctor. He checked me for hernias and thought that it was just a groin strain. After a while of the pain not going away, he suggested an MRI and possibly exploratory surgery to figure out the problem. Those were both expensive routes that I didn’t think would lead to a solution. Fortunately, my pain wasn’t consistent and didn’t las long. So I would feel the pain at random times, but it didn’t interfere with much. It was just an annoying pain to have to deal with every day.

I was already a patient at Lawlor Chiropractic when I began having this issue. So I told Dr. Lawlor my symptoms, and he assured me that he could help. He told me that this particular issue would take several adjustments to fix. So, for the first month, the issue was getting better. Then, the pain had taken a roller coaster effect. One day I would feel no pain and the next it would be worse than usual. Dr. Lawlor assured me to just stick with treatment and it would get better, and I did.

Dr. Lawlor suggested that I come in every 2 weeks for adjustments to fix this issue. I appreciated Dr. Lawlor taking the time at each visit to educate me on why he does certain things and the workings behind what he was doing. It took about 3 months to fix this condition. After one of the last adjustments, I had still been feeling the pain every once in a while. After the last adjustment for this particular issue, the pain was completely gone the very next day. I was shocked that it just completely went away. The chiropractic adjustments fixed the root of the problem, which would have never been found through an MRI or surgery. I’m so glad I listened to Dr. Lawlor’s advice to stick with chiropractic care for this.

The staff is very personable and always welcoming. I really suggest speaking with Lawlor Chiropractic about any issues that may be concerning you, even If you don’t think it is a chiropractic issue. I would have never thought that the source for my pain would be in my spine. However, I listened to Dr. Lawlor’s advice, and now the pain in my leg is gone. In the end, chiropractic care was more affordable and fixed the ACTUAL problem instead of just doing guesswork with an MRI and exploratory surgery.”

- Rob M.

“When I first came to Dr. Lawlor, my lower back pain caused limited mobility and much discomfort that would extend down my left leg at times. I was also experiencing pain in my left elbow, also with limited mobility and quite a bit of discomfort. Digestion issues were also a problem. I also had neck pain.

I had seen an orthopedic doctor and received injections in my elbow that only helped temporarily. He suggested physical therapy for my back which did not help. A friend recommended Dr. Lawlor to me. I was not skeptical about chiropractic, but I had never heard of the Gonstead Method. Since starting under Dr. Lawlor’s care, I have been getting regular adjustments and have been taking whole food supplements.

My mobility in my lower back is much improved, and the pain in my neck and elbow are both gone! I have not even needed to consider further injections. My digestion issues have diminished greatly since Dr. Lawlor suggested Zypan and AF Betafood supplements. I did not expect my elbow to get completely better! In fact, it wasn’t until Dr. Lawlor reminded me and asked me about it that I even remembered it was one of my original complaints!

Any time I can address an issue in my health by natural means rather than surgery or meds that’s a good thing. I highly recommend Dr. Lawlor and his chiropractic care. I have always felt like the staff is very attentive and concerned as well.“

- Melissa

“My son, Kristian, started having seizures. He continued to have them for about two years. We saw two neurologists. Both neurologists determined there was no cause for the seizures. They said that sometimes this just happens with kids. Kristian had to remain calm at all times for fear of bringing a seizure on.

I didn’t really believe that chiropractic could help his seizures, but I thought that it couldn’t hurt to try it. We had not had any other experiences with chiropractors, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Kristian has been getting chiropractic adjustments for about 6 months now. His seizures have stopped completely, and he is much calmer now. He’s not as hyper.

Jeff and the staff at Lawlor Chiropractic are wonderful and very caring. If your child has seizures or ADHD, try chiropractic and the Gonstead Method.“

- Jason B. (Kristian’s dad)

“I was struggling with the inability to use my right arm. My elbow and the surrounding area were painful, and I had no strength in my hand. I was miserable. I had been examined by my family physician, tried massage therapy as well as supplements for about 6 months before finding Dr. Lawlor. The pain and loss of strength interfered with everything. I could not go to the gym or do yoga. I had no grip strength so normal everyday activities were limited, and it was even affecting my mood!

I had been to chiropractors before, but I had never used chiropractic for extremities. Dr. Lawlor has assisted in getting full mobility back for me in my elbow and right hand as well as my entire spine. He has also helped with my nutritional needs. I’ve been seeing Dr. Lawlor for regular chiropractic adjustments for about a year now. I find that the Gonstead Method is by far my preferred chiropractic method. It is a more scientific approach, and the success I’ve experienced has me thrilled!!!

I am back to my old self. I can do yoga, weight lifting, rock climbing and painting as well as ironing and cleaning. My mood has also been positively changed. I feel young again. Also, my indigestion and body temperature has improved since using Standard Process supplements. The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic is GREAT! They are accommodating, professional and sincere.

I recommend that you trust the process, and trust Dr. Lawlor to do his job. He’s truly gifted and well educated. He takes his job seriously and most importantly he takes your health seriously. When I took it seriously, I started seeing improvement.“

- Jacquie S.

“Our daughter had an infant stroke and has semi paralysis on the right side of her body. Now, she over uses the left side by thrusting it into the right side. This has caused muscular and obvious skeletal issues. We have seen an orthopedic and chiropractors for these concerns.

We found Dr. Lawlor through our church. Our daughter has been seeing Dr. Lawlor for regular adjustments. We have only had one other chiropractor that practiced this method, but he was not as advanced in the Gonstead Method as Dr. Lawlor. I have found this method to be the best approach. Just compare the X-Rays from a few months ago and come to your own conclusion.

We have absolutely found Dr. Lawlor to be helpful and welcoming, and we love Jill!“

- Staci M.

“My condition began February of 2011. I had experienced pain throughout my body, severe fatigue, immobility and was bedridden for weeks and sometimes months at a time. I had also experienced “brain fog”. Simple touch or even a hug was extremely painful. I also had severe pain in my neck and hips. My immune system was in a constant state of inflammation causing pain, immobility and memory loss. I was seen by several neurologists, medical doctors and even other chiropractors. My only relief came from bi-annual steroid shots. I was not enjoying life at all. Trips to the grocery store had to be planned and assisted by my husband.

I found Dr. Lawlor by driving by and seeing the sign from Highway 94. I had been to other chiropractors, but I had never heard of the Gonstead Method. Since June of 2015, I’ve been receiving chiropractic adjustments and taking supplements. I’ve also done a purification program through Standard Process recommended by Dr. Lawlor. I like the continuous personalized care and patient education I receive with Dr. Lawlor.

Since beginning my care with him, I can enjoy life again! I’m enjoying camping and hiking and even running errands without a second thought. My husband and kids are happy to have their smiling and active wife/mom back. NO MORE STEROIDS! I had truly tried every available doctor, specialist and testing out there. My quality of life now is even better than before the onset of my illness in 2011! I sleep better, have much more energy and the inflammation is gone. An unexpected benefit from the purification program was losing 10 pounds, and I’ve had no difficulty maintaining my new weight.

The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic is awesome, friendly and always accommodating. It’s the best staff we have ever experienced!“

- Dawn P.

“Before I went to Lawlor Chiropractic, I constantly had headaches and migraines and nothing seemed to help. I took a lot of Advil. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really concentrate in school and it hurt too much to read.

I had never been adjusted before and I was a little scared of having my neck cracked. About a year ago, my mom referred me to Dr. Lawlor. I’ve been having regular adjustments, and I hardly ever get migraines anymore! I can read without pain and concentrate in school. I also get better sleep and feel that my overall mood has improved.

I hope that my experience will prompt others to try Chiropractic!“

- Danielle T.

“I started seeing Dr. Lawlor because of daily headaches that made it difficult to function in the afternoons. I had tried pain killers and massage, but neither worked. My cousin had recommended that I try a chiropractor that not only took X-rays and used them as a base point.

I’ve been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Lawlor for about 5 months now. My headaches were gone after only one month of care. The difference with just my headaches has made a huge difference in my life! I’m functioning so much better. My lower back has been much less painful when I travel. I didn’t even realize that my hearing was impaired, but after the first few adjustments my hearing increased!

Everyone has been awesome. Jill in the front is friendly, helpful and always has a smile.”

- Dana G.

“Starting last October, I was having severe pain in my bottom and left leg. I could not sit, stand, walk or lay down without severe pain. I had to use a wheel chair and a walker to get around. I also had trouble with urination and bowel movements. Prior to finding Dr. Lawlor, I had seen my regular doctor, pain management groups and another chiropractor. I had injections in my back, therapy, pain medications and even pain patches.

I was missing church and bible study. It was hard to see my grandchildren or even go to the store because riding in a car was very painful. I could not even do household chores. My neighbor’s son, Mike, told me about Dr. Lawlor. I was skeptical, but it was my last hope. I was so down from being in such pain for so long.

I have been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about 4 months now for chiropractic adjustments. I love the way everything is explained to me and the caring feeling I get when I am there. At age 76, I feel that my life is back again, and I am so thankful to Dr. Lawlor! I am able to sleep, walk, sit and stand without severe pain. My bowel movements and urination have improved as well.

That Jill at the front desk is the best. She is always friendly and concerned how I am. She has a great smile and puts me at ease when I walk in the door. This place is absolutely the best. I was down and did not know what I was going to do. God bless Dr. Lawlor and Jill for giving me hope again.“

- Charlene R.

“When our son was born prematurely, he spent several weeks in the NICU. He was given antibiotics as part of his care, and he was observed to have a head preference. When he came home, we noticed he still had trouble moving his neck. He also started screaming during bowel movements. We tried massaging his neck muscles as well as giving him tummy massages to encourage bowel movements.

We found Dr. Lawlor online. I had never been adjusted before, but my husband had. We discussed this at length many times before ultimately deciding to have our newborn adjusted. We’ve been bringing our son in for chiropractic adjustments now for about two months as well as giving him the probiotic that Dr. Lawlor recommended to him. At first his appointments were weekly, then biweekly.

He now exhibits full rotation of his neck, and he no longer screams with every bowel movement which I attribute to the adjustments and the probiotics. Also, after his very first adjustment, he allowed us to lay him down flat and he slept! Prior to this, he would not sleep unless he was being held. Our son’s reflux has also improved since being adjusted.

Dr. Lawlor, his wife Michelle, and Jill are all very kind and welcoming. The office environment is very relaxed. Something I hope other parents realize is that Dr. Lawlor has his own baby girl who he also adjusts. The amount of force and pressure used on infants during adjustments is so gentle. It is nothing like what adults experience!“

- Amanda H.

Before & After (6 weeks of care)

"I had a long time back injury that I would occasionally visit a chiropractor, but only when I was in pain (2-3 times per year). It would also hurt when I tried to exercise. In addition to chiropractors, I tried physical therapy and pain killers.

This time, I could not stand up straight even if I tried. My pain was so intense I could not stand, sit or lay down without tears. I was about to give up on chiropractors, but I decided to try Dr. Lawlor because he uses the Gonstead Method. I am 100% pain free now! In addition to being pain free, I have less acne and I’m even sleeping better. I am slowly incorporating cardio workout into my daily routine.

I have started bringing my whole family to see Dr. Lawlor. I’ve learned it is not just about my back. It’s about keeping my whole body healthy. Dr.Lawlor continues to educate me during each visit. Jill is always friendly and goes above and beyond keeping my crazy 2 year old busy! I tell all my friends about Dr. Lawlor because he has really changed my perspective on chiropractic care."

- Veronica S.

Steve R. & Dr. Lawlor

"For the past 3 to 4 years, I’ve had a great deal of lower back pain on a daily basis. Some days were better than others. My pain was worse in the morning. Flare-ups would last all day and make me bend forward. At times, there was numbness in my hands. I experienced daily headaches, had trouble sleeping and felt dizzy when getting up from a chair or squatting down to get something. I even lost my balance at times. I became depressed and unsociable. I was hard on my wife and others around me due to the pain. I lacked motivation to do anything or go anywhere.

I tried a lot of things. I took muscle relaxers and pain medication. Physical therapy made it feel worse. There were times that my wife had to take me to the emergency room because the pain was so bad I could barely move. They told me that I had arthritis in my spine. I also went to a pain management doctor who gave me two options. He said that he could inject cortisone into the disks or cauterize the nerves. Neither would be long lasting. After about 4 to 6 months the procedure would have to be repeated.

My back pain, stiffness and general aching put me out of commission. I could not keep up with lawn and yardwork or general house maintenance. I was also unable to do the work required for my job. My wife met Dr. Lawlor at a networking meeting and heard him speak about what he does to help his patients. At first, I was extremely skeptical and did not want anything to do with a chiropractor! I told my wife, “NO” when she first talked to me about it. I didn’t think much of those “bone crackers”, as I called them.

My wife and I attended one of Dr. Lawlor’s evening informational classes. After attending the class, I decided to give Dr. Lawlor a try. I had never actually been to a chiropractor before. I’ve been getting chiropractic adjustments, taking whole food supplements and getting nutritional advice. Dr. Lawlor has also been giving me instruction on proper lifting, sitting and even sleeping positions.

I’ve been getting treatment for about six months now. I have much less pain. I’m in a better mood and more active. I have far fewer headaches and less dizziness. I’m able to go outside and do a little yard work and house work. I like the fact that he scans my back before each adjustment and that he did X-rays before he began my treatment. My relationship with my wife has improved too. She says I even smile more now! I sleep better, stand longer and sit more comfortably.

I give the highest kudos to the Lawlor Chiropractic Team. They are the finest people I’ve met. Dr. Jeff is outgoing, professional and energetic. He explains everything he does for my treatment. Jill is heartwarming, friendly and welcoming!"

- Steve R.

"My initial interest in going to Lawlor Chiropractic was to help with my “allergies”. I had been sick for many years with strep and chronic ear infections. Once I had my tonsils removed it turned into chronic sinus infections and ear infections with occasional bronchitis. All allergy tests had confirmed that I had no allergies to anything food or environmental, yet I continued to get sick monthly. At the beginning of 2013 I was sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired!” I started on a journey of losing weight by eating healthier and exercising more. Through workouts, tracking my food, starting the use of a neti pot, and being regimented with taking my allergy medicine, I was finally “healthier.” Except I was really wasn’t. All I was doing was managing my “allergies” better. This was also very exhausting. Some days just getting out of bed was enough to make me want to take a nap. But running a business and having a toddler that was just not an option. I met Dr Jeff & Michele through the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce and after the 2nd meeting with them I decided I could benefit from being under their care. I have used chiropractic in the past for headaches and back pain. I started with weekly chiropractic adjustments, supplements/nutritional counseling, and some stretches to help with some tight areas. I love the education you get during your visits. They really explain the how & the why behind what they are doing. Within 3 weeks I stopped taking my allergy medicine that I had been taking daily for years and have never looked back! Overall I just feel better. I’m not as tired, I have no allergy symptoms even when everyone around me is experiencing horrible problems. I am not as bloated as I was after certain meals. I understand more about what my body is trying to do and how better to fuel it. Michele & Jeff really care about you and want to make you better. I have always felt welcomed and like they really listen to my concerns. I have always believed in chiropractic but didn’t always take the time or money to make it a priority in my healthcare. I now realize that it is essential for me to maintain my healthy lifestyle to keep up with son and business."

- S.

"Preston had speech issues and irregular bowel movements prior to seeing Dr. Lawlor. Preston previously had been in speech therapy for a year. Preston’s speech or lack of was interfering with his social skills such as peer interactions. As well, it was difficult for his teachers to assess learning because they couldn’t understand what he was saying. I first met Dr. Lawlor at a health screening at St. Charles Community College and I was very skeptical about how chiropractic care would help speech. Preston has been seeing Dr. Lawlor for four months now and receiving chiropractic adjustments. Preston’s speech has greatly improved. It is so much easier to understand him. His self-esteem has increased, as well as his confidence with his peers. Preston also has regular bowel movements, rather than a week (or two) of constipation. The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic is helpful, it is evident from the second Dr. Lawlor talks that he loves what he does. For anyone who is skeptical; stop and think about your central nervous system. Think about where it is located and the fact that it controls all bodily functions. Adjustments allow your body to properly function."

- Preston’s Mother

"Before I found Dr. Lawlor, I had a stiff sore neck and tightness in my right side from my hip down through my foot. I tried massages and some self-relief efforts and both would bring temporary relief. A friend from my exercise gym highly recommended I see a chiropractor. I went to two other chiropractors for information before finding Dr. Lawlor. I really liked the specificity of the Gonstead Method at Lawlor Chiropractic.

Since I’ve been getting regular adjustments at Lawlor Chiropractic, my headaches have been eliminated and my neck and shoulder pain are gone! I’ve even started sleeping better. Dr. Lawlor recommended that I lay flat on my back with the type of neck pain I was having. My overall strength has improved as well. Also, the team at the office is helpful and accommodating to my requests. They have a very flexible appointment schedule too."

- Michelle S.

"In mid-July, I began unexplained vomiting. It really only happened in the morning after I ate breakfast. The vomiting got worse, though, and it started happening every morning even before I ate. I would feel fine the rest of the day and was even eating normally. My parents took me to my regular doctor for a physical and some blood work. Everything came back normal, and the doctor thought it was a psychological issue. I started taking antacids and medicine for upset stomach, but it would only help temporarily.

When school started, I was missing school or going in late and I began to lose weight. My mom was a patient at Lawlor Chiropractic and recommended that I give that a try as nothing else was fixing the issue. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was not sure how or if a chiropractor could help. I started regular chiropractic adjustments at the end of August. Soon after I started, I could go to school in the morning with no stomach trouble. The staff and doctor really seemed to care about me and my condition from day one!"

- Max W.

“I injured my back in the Army and have had moderate to severe pain daily for 8 years now. I have had several injections in my low back since. I have seen a chiropractor but only when I couldn’t walk. I got injections and took pain killers daily for 7 years. Matter of fact they did nothing for the pain but I got addicted to them.

The pain was so bad it interfered with lifting weights and playing basketball. I had to stop lifting for weeks at a time and couldn’t play ball at all.

I was referred to Lawlor Chiropractic by a friend of ours. X-rays were taken; I was given a care plan and after adjustments I feel better than before the military. I now lift 5 days a week and play ball 3 times a week.“

- Matt

"On August 29, 2015, I woke with a feeling of numbness in my left lower lip. By that evening, the right side of my face was numb. I saw Dr. Lawlor on September 3, 2015 after receiving a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy from a neurologist in the emergency room. The ER doctors prescribed steroids and suggested follow up with my internist, but I decided to see Dr. Lawlor instead as I have been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Lawlor’s for more than a year. I also saw my eye doctor to be sure the eye was cared for and did not get infected as I could not even close my right eye.

The right side of my face drooped. The illness causes extreme fatigue and severe head pain as if someone had hit me in the face with a brick. I had no doubt that Dr. Lawlor could help with this issue as he had successfully treated my severe shoulder and neck pain in 2014.

Within 2 weeks, my face was 85% cured and I was able to close my right eye. Within 4 weeks, you would never have known I’d been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Perhaps a case of Bell’s Palsy is more severe for others, but the AVERAGE recovery time is 3-9 months! Dr. Lawlor and his staff are excellent, friendly and helpful!"

- Mary A.

"For a couple of years I had experienced pain my neck and left shoulder, thinking it was a pulled muscles or pillow that were too thick or purses that were too heavy. But in July, 2014 the pain became severe and constant. By noon every day the pain was unbearable. My son in law referred me to Dr. Lawlor. Previously I went to urgent care center and was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, prescribed hydrocodone and muscle relaxants and told “this will not be a quick fix.” The severe pain affected my work, home life, marriage, being a good grandma, everything. Now I can pursue activities I want to and have energy for work and time off the pain relief Dr. Lawlor and Gonstead chiropractic provided is a great blessing in my life. Dr. Lawlor took a complete set of x-rays and did a thorough exam, educated me (and my husband) on the Gonstead method, problems, adjustments, and exercise. With the previous chiropractic care there were no x-rays and adjustments seemed to be hit or miss. Dr. Lawlor knows exactly what the next adjustment needs to be. I have been seeing Dr. Lawlor from July, 2014 until present (10/20/14). I also noticed more energy and overall enjoying life more. Now, October 23, 2014 I rarely have any neck or shoulder pain and can exercise, ride my bicycle, play with my grandchildren as I wish, I see Dr. Lawlor every 2 weeks now and will see him less and less as time goes. Dr. Lawlor and his staff know me – call me by name and feel we are friends as well as doctor-patient. If you are in pain, please give Dr. Lawlor a visit. He will explain the Gonstead method thoroughly to you and your family. Chiropractic with Dr. Lawlor and his staff is a wonderful, lasting, natural method of pain relief. No pain pills, muscle relaxants or surgery required. Thank you Dr. Lawlor!"

- Mary A.

“I met doctor Lawlor at the Health Expo at St. Charles Community College. I was having about three migraines a week, neck pain, low back pain and numbness in my fingers and toes. I had visited my primary doctor, a neurologist, an eye doctor and even had been seeing another chiropractor for about a month. They even ordered a CAT scan to try and figure out what was going on with me.

I have now been seeing Dr. Lawlor for about one year for regular chiropractic adjustments. I’m off all my medication and I am migraine free. I also have fewer regular headaches, more energy and I sleep better as well. For me, the patient education and X-rays were very beneficial. My last chiropractor would put me on a water table and then adjust me. I had no idea what he was adjusting or why. Dr. Lawlor explains everything in detail, and I find this helpful. The hours of the clinic also make it easy to fit an appointment into my busy schedule.

Chiropractic care plays a huge role in how great I feel today. I would encourage everyone to give it a try!"

- Marissa H.

(Pre – left picture prior to care with reversed cervical curve, Post on the right 6 months after care is closer to normal cervical lordosis, the black curve line) The cervical spine has better structural/neural integrity when the vertebrae are closer to the black curved line.

“I had burning sensations and pain in between my shoulder blades & neck. It was going on 3 weeks straight, I couldn’t stay at work or sleep comfortably. I tried pain killers, stretching, ice, heat to try to give me relief. At the time, I could not even stay for a full day at work. It exhausted me to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. I was referred to Dr. Lawlor by my previous chiropractor who had moved away years before. At first, I had some doubts because it wasn’t working automatically and I got pessimistic. I liked the details, how he explains everything they are doing. After 10 months of care and adjustments I’ve improved drastically, my pain goes away and doesn’t come back for weeks at a time, it is very manageable now. Dr. Lawlor and Michelle are wonderful, they are very helpful and understanding. I would encourage others to keep working with Dr. Lawlor, it can’t be fixed overnight but if you have patience it will slowly get better.”

- Kelly L.

"My pain was excruciating and constant. My leg was radiating with pain all the way from my lower back to my calf. I couldn’t sleep, stand or sit without experiencing pain. I tried exercise, stretches pain meds and chiropractic care, but nothing worked. My condition interfered with everything. Losing sleep was affecting every aspect of my life including my job and coaching volleyball.

I drove past Lawlor Chiropractic every day and decided to give it a try. Dr. Lawlor spent a lot of time with me to figure out my issue. I love the fact that he takes a full spine x-ray and scans my back at each visit. I’ve been getting regular adjustments and taking nutritional supplements for about 5 months now. I am so happy to get some sleep! I’m still not 100%, but I am able to get through an entire day without fidgeting due to the pain. He even released some pressure in my neck that I did not even know was there.

The best thing about being a patient at Lawlor Chiropractic is learning how much proper care can affect your entire body. I came in for lower back pain and issues in my middle back. I didn’t know I would experience instant and long term relief. The staff is wonderful too and does a great job making me feel comfortable every time I’m there."

- Kate D.

"I had suffered from migraines 1-2 times per week for about three years before I found relief at Lawlor Chiropractic. I had been seeing a doctor that prescribed medication for my migraines. The medication made me tired and therefore I was unable to take it during the day when I really needed it the most.

The migraine pain started in the base of my neck and went up through my temples. School and work were difficult because I was unable to maintain focus for long periods of time. I was not able to participate in social activities either due to the pain and fatigue.

I met Dr. Lawlor at a 5K running event. Though I knew people who went to the chiropractor, I had never been adjusted before. From the first time I met Dr. Lawlor, I felt as though he took a genuine interest and concern for my health. I had never met a doctor that had taken the time to discuss all my concerns and would help me work toward a solution.

In April, I began chiropractic care with Dr. Lawlor and began taking B12 supplements per his recommendation. I no longer wake up each morning with a headache! My performance at work and school has improved and I attend the gym regularly without feeling pain in my neck and back. I no longer need medication since coming to Dr. Lawlor. I sleep better and have made many healthy lifestyle changes as well. I have experienced a tremendous increase in energy and focus.

I hope to encourage not only my family and friends to seek chiropractic care but others as well. I have seen the positive impact this care has had in my life and my overall well-being."

- Jess B.

Before and After

"When I first came to see Dr. Lawlor, I had extreme pain in my lower left back. This condition had been reoccurring for 30 years. Over the years, I’ve been treated with pain medications, physical therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, chiropractic care and cortisone shots. These treatments only provided temporary relief. Walking and sitting were becoming more and more difficult on a daily basis at work. Exercise was out of the question!

I met Dr. Lawlor at his booth at the local YMCA. I had tried chiropractic before and it was not successful, but I thought I would give it a try again as opposed to surgery. I’ve been getting adjustments with Dr. Lawlor now for several months and taking supplements that he recommends. The most significant difference between my previous chiropractic experience and the Gonstead Method with Dr. Lawlor is that the Gonstead Method works by treating what is causing my back pain rather than just treating the pain.

Now, I can sit and walk at work with no discomfort and I can resume exercising. I’m back to normal day to day functions at age 59. I also have better mobility. Dr. Lawlor has a genuine concern in my well-being. I appreciate his explanations of my overall condition and treatments. His whole approach makes sense to me. Prior to seeing Dr. Lawlor, I was contemplating surgery (as a last resort), as none of my previous treatments were successful. I’ve avoided surgery because of the remarkable success in adjusting my spine with Dr. Lawlor."

- Greg

"After an auto accident in May of 2015, I was having terrible mid and lower back pain. I tried pain killers and muscle relaxers, but neither of these worked. The pain in my back prevented me from working in my garden. My brother-in-law referred us to Lawlor Chiropractic. I would not have even come if my husband hadn’t made the appointment.

I’ve been getting chiropractic adjustments now for about 4 months. I’ve improved considerably. I am able to work in my yard again and I can sit for longer periods without pain. I even have fewer migraines. The staff and doctor are very welcoming and caring. I am very happy that the appointment was made, and I hope to continue maintenance after all is said and done following the accident."

- Amanda T.

"Emersyn had a very low immune response. She would spend fall and winter with upper respiratory infections and would always end up sick if she was around other children. She underwent long rounds of antibiotic treatments which did more harm than good. She also saw a pulmonologist who diagnosed her with asthma and had her using a nebulizer on a daily basis. We had to stay away from situations where kids may have had colds because Emersyn’s immune system was too weak to protect her.

Eventually, we started using essential oils and working with her diet. This helped a lot, but we knew she could do even better. We took her to see Dr. Lawlor and she started receiving regular adjustments and he started her on a supplement called Immuplex. Since Emersyn’s first adjustment with Dr.Lawlor, she has only had one nebulizer treatment. Since then, she hasn’t been sick or anything less than 100%! She was even exposed to Disney World germs! Emersyn’s speech has also improved as well as her ability to communicate her thoughts more effectively. In addition, we adore the staff! When Emersyn isn’t being adjusted, she is Mrs. Jill’s assistant at the front desk.

There is so much you can do to promote health. You don’t have to wait for symptoms or disease. The Gonstead Method of chiropractic has changed our lives!"

- Emersyn’s Mom

"When I first came to Lawlor Chiropractic, my neck and shoulder were sore causing me to tilt my head to the left for relief. I was also experiencing severe “pins and needles” type pain and numbness down my right arm. I tried several other forms of treatment including physical therapy, traction, prescription meds, STEM treatment and ice and heat therapy. These issues interfered with my ability to work as it flared up most at my computer. My doctor was recommending surgery as a next step.

My wife referred me to Dr. Lawlor. However, I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was skeptical. I’ve now been receiving chiropractic adjustments for about three or four months. I can now go an entire workday at my computer with no pain and only occasional tingling in my arm. Additionally, I feel like I get better sleep and my allergies seem to have improved. The team at Lawlor is very helpful and accommodating to my hectic schedule too.

I hope my experience will encourage others with a herniated disc to give the Gonstead Method of chiropractic a try before resorting to surgery."

- Brock K.

“I had surgery on my neck about 5 years prior to visiting Dr. Lawlor for the first time. I called Dr. Lawlor at the recommendation of a colleague as my condition was, in a word, desperate. Symptoms were: constant battle with vertigo, persistent numbness in my left side (especially my arm) and neck pain that was becoming unbearable. I felt at least two surgeries were in my near future, at the very least my neck for sure. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Lawlor, I had an MRI performed on my neck and another scheduled for my lower back and bottle of painkillers (which I did not want to take since in my opinion they only mask the condition). I was taking about 2000 MG of Tylenol/Ibuprofen a day, and living on a heating pad. Also, a week before my first visit, I underwent physical therapy evaluation – to determine what exercises would benefit me most. I had to stop the evaluation before finishing because I almost passed out. Oddly enough, no physical therapy has been needed to get me where I am today since starting chiropractic care.

I have a 10 year old, so staying active is a must – and I had reached a point where even weekend visits walking around the mall for an hour would wipe me out for the rest of the day. Minimal activity if any was becoming the norm or me. As far as work goes, I had taken off an average of 1-2 days per week in the month prior to my visit. Since starting care, I’ve missed two days of work – no more. I am also beginning to ‘feel’ like myself again. I’d felt so bad for so long, I’d forgotten what feeling good felt like. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I believe that I’m getting there. I’m back to staying active with my daughter, I’m able to focus more at work that I have in a long time, and most importantly, I’m not so tired all the time.

I was referred to Dr. Lawlor from a current patient and co-worker. I certainly had doubts about care at first, not about chiropracticcare in general, but whether I was too far gone for anything to help, but another surgery or two.

We started with three adjustments per week as well as three times daily multivitamin and two other supplements. I am now down to every other week . I still am taking the supplements (and feel without a doubt they have helped my energy level as well as my overall health.)

My prior experience with chiropractic was when I was much younger and was eighteen years old to address some issues with my lower back and hips. The detail of analysis with Dr. Lawlor was much greater and certainly the results have been much more tangible to me now.

Now, my vertigo has gone, as has the majority of the numbness in my upper body, neck. Neck pain if any is rare. I am certainly still ‘in process’ but to compare where I was when I came to where I am now is to compare apples and oranges. I have much more energy, less stress, better focus now, easier when not in constant pain, best of all I have a sense of hope that things can and will get better.

The staff has been great, especially to my 10 year old who has accompanied me to almost every visit.

I would encourage anyone with back issues to try Dr. Lawlor first – before you get sent to physical therapy and certainly before you explore surgery.”

- Marty J.

Chiropractor Weldon Spring MO Tim Sullivan with Patient"Before coming to Lawlor Chiropractic, I had pain and tightness in my jaw during a dentist appointment from holding my mouth open for long periods of time. I needed a root canal done, but I could not get it due to my condition. Chewing could also be painful. My dentist recommended I see a chiropractor. I was scared of chiropractors.  Due to having rheumatoid arthritis, I am sensitive to adjustments. After a little over a month of being seen by Dr. Sullivan, I had my procedure successfully. My dentist raved about how much I improved! I benefited from adjustments in other areas too. I have been adjusted for hip and back issues. The staff at Lawlor Chiropractic has been very helpful and trustworthy. I encourage people to give chiropractic services a try! I am very pleased by how I feel and without any medication or major procedures."

- Kayla

Chiropractic Weldon Spring MO Patient Testimonial"I was diagnosed with Bell’S Palsy one week after the birth of my third child. The right side of my face visibly drooped and I had lost the ability to fully close my mouth and right eye. Initially, after losing facial function I was in the ER to rule out the possibility of a stroke. The doctors there told me that my recovery from Bell’s Palsy was just a waiting game and I might never gain back full function. My symptoms made it difficult to eat as my mouth wouldn’t stay fully closed. This was both embarrassing and frustrating. My right eye stayed unnaturally open at all times which led to pain from that eye drying out and also made me feel very self-conscious.

I found Lawlor Chiropractic by doing a Google search for a chiropractor with experience in treating Bell’s Palsy. I was very optimistic, especially after reading the testimonial on your website of a patient with Bell’s Palsy who fully recovered under Dr. Lawlor’s care.

I have made a full recovery! I’ve gained back all facial function and can now fully close my mouth and right eye. I also have less overall back pain and have been relieved of most of my IBS symptoms. I have suffered from sporadic IBS since the birth of my first child. Since making regular adjustments with Dr. Sullivan I have only had one instance of IBS – a marked difference from the past four years. Jill is very knowledgeable and was able to personally answer all of my initial questions.

Dr. Sullivan went through a full health evaluation at the start of my care, and I felt that he not only listened to my concerns but that he genuinely cared about my progress and overall health. My primary care doctor never encouraged or even mentioned chiropractic care as a treatment option for Bell’s Palsy, even though it stems from a pinched nerve in the neck. Had I not personally sought out chiropractic care, I am convinced that I wouldn’t have made such a complete and fast recovery! It is my hope that my story will encourage others with Bell’s Palsy to seek out chiropractic care as part of their treatment."

"I’m not exhausted and sore all the time anymore."

- Alice O.

"No more ouchies."

- Allison S.

"Less medications and no headaches."

- Amy S.

"Never too old to see a chiropractor."

- Anna J.

"No more suffering through the pain."

- Arlene S.

"The chiropractic doctor helped what an orthopedic and podiatrist could not."

- Becky O.

"Lasting results after trying multiple chiropractors."

- Cole R.

"Digestive pain gone with chiropractic."

- Darin S.

"No more bed wetting."

- Grasen G.

"Staying regular = happy baby!"

- Jude M.

"Medications were simply masking my symptoms."

- Lia H.

"Hooray for Dr. Lawlor!"

- Mary Virginia C.

"Who knew that throwing up was a chiropractic issue?"

- Mike B.

"Finally relief, after having tried three other chiropractors and more."

- Pam B.

"From misery to hiking in the mountains again."

- Pat B.

"I was missing out on precious activitees with my family."

- Rose Marie H.

"Fewer headaches and less medication."

- Sarah M.

"Playing golf pain free for the first time in over two years."

- Scott W.

"Relief from whole-body pain."

- Sean S.

"I was wrong about chiropractic."

- Shawn P.

"Chiropractic helped my irregular menses."

- Ciara R.

"Experiencing the Gonstead difference."

- Steve W.

"Back to being a hardworking dad."

- Nick H.


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